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Sickle cell desease control programe

Since last five years Gauri Samajik Kalyankari Sanstha, Nashik have been working affectivity on Sickle cell disease control program in Nashik district with help of NRHM-District Health department, Nashik

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Adolescent training program

Under this activity we had provide life skill training program urban as well as in rural area. Over all response was good for this activity, our external resource person and guest had discussed with adolescents regarding Adolescents psychology, Physical and mental changes, health precaution.
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Work Area

Abou Us

We are working with rural and urban communities on health , community developement, basic infrastrucuture development like sanitary system, livelihood and women empowerment.

We have our major work with tribals in Nashik district. Read More

Women Empowerment

The economic and social status of women in the community is low, It is necessary that the people realize their problems and come together to solve it. The activity aims at organizing the community through creating awareness amongst people about their resources, community development this activity have been endeavoring in formation of different homogeneous groups strengthen through different trainings, through the self help group’s formation; we are working on increasing the confidence level amongst the women. Read More

Family Councelling Center

We have been running counseling center at Kanashi in Kalwan Block, during the year we had provided moral or legal support to women or there representative regarding social concern issue, like _ Dv cases, Divots, Harassment, Dowry etc. as well as before or after marriage counseling. The centers have a friendly, homelike atmosphere, our philosophy based on the concept of women empowerment. . Read More

Legal Literacy program

Through the councelling centers at Kanashi and Peith we conduct legal literacy among the tribal regarding their rights.. Read More

Social Networking

We have networks with Government bodies regarding health and education. Also have a strong network with local and state NGO...Read More

Rural Developement Program

We are more focus to develope basic infrastructure at rural areas like sanitary system, waret shed developement........Read More


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Annual Report 2012-13

Women's Day Celebration- On the occassion of this day we Honnered Ms. Bidker Sistter for her emmence work in field of rural health.........Read More

Vocatonal Training for Women - 30 women from hirawadi , Nashik has trained to make leather , cloth bags.

Personality Development Program - This program has specially arrange for the community volunteers on their demand......Read More

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